Where the old-world meets new ideas.
Very soon Mandalay Canal will be unveiling plans to bring you the World Village. Our dream of creating a place where every culture has a voice. A large, open venue full of kiosks where international goods mingle with contemporary versions of traditional fare. It’s a Middle Eastern spice market steps from Spanish tapas. Where hand-embroidered scarves from Marrakesh can be paired with a lovely Swiss watch.
It’s a place for you and your family to take a cultural world-tour
Without ever leaving Las Colinas. Your melting-pot meeting place to escape everyday life and remember what life really is about — which is coming together, experiencing new perspectives, and being part of not only our little city, but the whole world in it.
We Can’t Wait for you to experience it for yourself! 
We will continue to update our site with renderings, vendor information, photos, and when World Village will be open to the public to enjoy.

We are always looking for unique merchants and service providers to be a part of our Mandalay family. Let us help you easily set up on the canal to potentially get in front of our 6.5MM local residents.

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